No more cheese and wine - it’s time for healthy living

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According to a survey, Tuesday was supposed to have been the most depressing day of the year. But not for me. I actually enjoyed it.

I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and a cracking New Year’s Eve, celebrated at a wedding in Fareham.

But after a period of excess, I couldn’t wait to don the trainers again and pound the streets of Gosport.

The last time my faithful footwear got an outing was at the Great South Run back in October. Now my leg infection has cleared up, there are no excuses.

But when I looked out of the window, it was blowing a Force 10 out there and the rain was horizontal. The fences in the garden had bowed under the strength of the gusts.

So the upshot was that I decided to put my return to action on hold for another day!

At the moment, all the papers have diet guides in them. Apparently, fad diets will last on average 15 days and are likely to end up in failure, with us actually putting weight on after an initial loss.

This is the thing. How do you maintain the new weight you’ve achieved after losing a couple of stone?

After years of trying most of the diets out there, I’ve found my solution. You have to change your relationship with food, but not all the time.

I’m one of those people who has to eat everything on the plate. If I don’t feel full to almost bursting, I don’t feel satisfied. I’m a compulsive person, so if I love something, I want lots of it.

So for me, it’s all about discipline. I no longer beat myself up over weight gain at Christmas and during holidays. I now expect it.

But afterwards, I know that restraint is going to be needed to shed those pounds.

Over the past few days I’ve been telling myself it’s time to put the cheese and wine down and get on with some healthy living.

I see it as a challenge to myself, so by Tuesday I was well up for it.

Sensible eating, cutting out the treats and laying off the wine is the way forward. This may make me a rather dull boy, but it will mean the cruise ship won’t have problems with ballast come our honeymoon in July!