Nobody wants to occupy the hot seat when a royal goes

Painting didnt quite have the desired effect but you cant blame me for giving it a go        (Credit: Shutterstock)

CHERYL GIBBS: My DIY painting job didn’t quite work out as planned

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There was something of a kerfuffle in the BBC newsroom over Christmas when it was disclosed Prince Philip had been rushed to hospital with a ‘heart scare.’

The search was on for black ties to avoid the embarrassment caused when Peter Sissons was forced to announce the Queen Mother’s death while sporting burgundy-coloured neckwear.

And producers were counting down the minutes to when their shift ended. Apparently, no-one wants to be occupying the hot-seat when a royal departs this mortal coil.

So there were relieved sighs all round when the Duke emerged beaming from Papworth hospital. The pre-prepared obituaries and mournful clothing were stood down – and production staff breathed easily again.