Not being able to talk about things is really annoying

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I don’t think I could ever be a film reviewer. I went to see Iron Man 3 on Thursday, the first night it was out, and the one thing I wanted to do the next day was talk about it.

But because no-one’s seen it I haven’t been able to. And that’s very annoying.

Suffice to say it was really good, and Sir Ben Kingsley is possibly the best super villain ever. You’ll find out why.

It’s a bit like a colleague of mine recommended the new Mary Rose Museum to me, after he went for a sneak preview. We’re not allowed to talk about the details of what’s inside the new structure until the grand opening at the end of May.

So suffice to say it’s good. Very good.

And that’s it. Can’t say any more about it. See? Annoying, isn’t it?