Not for the faint-hearted or those eating an evening meal

AUDREY HEPBURN As she was in 1956       Picture: Bud Fraker/Wikipedia

Audrey Hepburn - a REAL star

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I watched a programme this week that really did make me question the state of television today.

Now I know I’m approaching 30 (don’t remind me – crisis on the way) and am probably getting way too serious for my years.

But since when did watching men pay very large women to sit on them make good viewing? I’m sorry, but perlease!

Good for them if they can make a living out of literally rolling around on men who like it.

But why on earth would a TV channel want to film this for the great British public?

I had to have a sneak peek (research, obviously). But Channel 4’s My Big Fat Fetish was not something for the faint-hearted – or even those trying to eat their evening meal!

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