Not sure about the Worzel look

Clive Smith says he would not like to arm wrestle athlete Caster Semenya 		Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

CLIVE SMITH: English pigs? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

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I like to have a routine.

I like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it as far in advance as possible.

This week though I was left in a situation that hadn’t been planned ahead.

Serena was called into work earlier than normal.

So there was me, home alone with my two girls who needed to be fed, bathed and clothed.

The breakfast bit was fine. Weetabix for Caitlin and baby porridge for Alyssa. Bath time was simple enough too and once clothed they didn’t look too out of the ordinary.

But then came the job of doing their hair. Alyssa doesn’t have much, so a little brush to the side was sufficient. But then I had to brush Caitlin’s hair and also put it up in a pigtail at the request of her mum.

Caitlin wasn’t too pleased with my hairdressing skills and to be fair, the Worzel Gummidge look didn’t suit her

In our house the parenting is split 50/50. Except when it comes to hair styling.

From now on, dad stays away from the brush.