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It’s finally happened.

After 10 months of having a baby sister, Caitlin has shown the first signs of jealousy.

We can’t complain because it’s inevitable for a child to get jealous of another child and we’ve had almost a year without any.

We tried to prepare Caitlin as best as we could for the arrival of Alyssa.

She understood why mummy’s tummy was getting bigger and that what was inside would soon need be needing lots of all our love and attention.

We also tried to include Caitlin where possible in all the baby preparations.

She came with us to the scans and helped us choose what our new baby would be wearing.

I believe this is why ever since Alyssa arrived, Caitlin has only ever been a loving and caring big sister.

But in the last few weeks, Alyssa has started crawling.

She also wants to grab and explore everything she gets her hands on.

Caitlin is not known for being the tidiest person when it comes to her toys.

This means that her now mobile little sister can get hold of her big sister’s Barbie that has been left lying on the floor.

And knock over the tower that she carefully constructed out of toy building blocks.

When this happens, Caitlin sees red and shouts ‘get off my toys’ at the top of her voice.

It reminds me of the film Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze, when he goes on the train already inhabited by another ghost who angrily shouts ‘get off my train’.

I can’t be angry with her because I understand that her behaviour is normal.

Caitlin sees these toys as hers, which they are.

They have always belonged to her and she can’t understand why another child is now touching them.

So now we’re teaching Caitlin that sharing is important.

But the sibling rivalry doesn’t end with toys.

Caitlin has now shown a bit of jealousy when Alyssa gets attention from her favourite people too.

For example, on a recent visit to see her 78-year-old great-granddad she spotted from the other side of the room that he was giving Alyssa a cuddle.

In a flash she darted over to him, clambered up the sofa and wedged herself between him and Alyssa.

She didn’t quite shout ‘get off my great-granddad’ – but it was obvious she wasn’t happy that she suddenly had to share his attention with her sister.

She is getting much better at sharing but I have been told that with two girls, it will only get worse…especially when the teenage years arrive.