Old school met no school - and Starkey was the winner

Dr David Starkey

Dr David Starkey

AUDREY HEPBURN As she was in 1956       Picture: Bud Fraker/Wikipedia

Audrey Hepburn - a REAL star

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Jamie Oliver’s Dream School is the latest collaboration between the chef and Channel 4 to reshape the future of life’s young losers.

Oliver set up his Dream School series to prove 16-year-olds who leave education without a single GCSE are victims rather than culprits. He assembled a team of ‘inspirational experts’ who were expected to breathe new intellectual life into the listless and the lumpen.

One of them was David Starkey, a man not renowned for pussy-footing around when the truth needs to be told.

So old school met no school head on – and there was only going to be one winner.

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