Olive trees that reminded us of Craig David’s old hairstyle

Mutiny Festival 2017 Picture: Paul Windsor

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Driving through Spain is fascinating. After the mountainous area of the Pyrenees, you encounter the wide open plains.

There really is nothing between Bilbao and Madrid. The one thing you do notice is the temperature creeps up. It was 16C as we left Biarritz, but by lunchtime we were in Madrid and it was 33C.

The further south we travelled, the more vineyards appeared. Then there were olive trees, perfectly spaced as far as the eye can see. Their pattern reminded us of Craig David’s old hairstyle!

By the time we got to Malaga, it was 37C. As the sun set, we drove along the coast road, a stunning way to end a fascinating day.

My Golf didn’t miss a beat. Thank you car!