Our kite wouldn’t launch and I ended up doing a moonie

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Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height...

Well that was the plan as Lulu and I descended on Southsea Common with wine, Wotsits and our Blue Peter-style DIY snake-shaped work of art for the International Kite Festival.

Colourful, imaginative kites galore filled the skies, ranging from butterflies to fish and the odd dinosaur.

But unfortunately our snake was not among them, as my friend ran up and down trying to launch the damn thing!

Somehow I managed to get its tail caught around my ankle and tripped.

Hearing the sound of my knicker elastic perishing as I landed face down, I did a moonie for all to see.

‘That’s one for the album’ said Lulu. Oh, just pass me the wine. Bottoms up!