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I have to say I laughed out loud at the pictures of Prince Harry enjoying himself, like anyone else would, in Las Vegas.

But the British national press, in their infinite wisdom, does not seem to have seen the funny side of Prince Harry’s antics – except maybe The Sun, whose reporting seemed to have a certain air of ‘good work fella’ about it.

We’re fascinated by our monarchy, but the Queen has always lived by the rule of mystery.

She has spent her whole life making sure we don’t get too close to ‘the magic’, as she calls it.

Andrew Marr’s excellent book on her reveals many of the great traits she has instilled into the Royal family.

She believes that plenty of mystery about their private lives keeps our intrigue. By opening up, you lose the appeal.

We now live in a generation of instant fame. Access all areas TV, Big Brother, The X Factor, The Only Way Is Essex. Our desire for reality television doesn’t seem to tire.

As time goes by, remaining too distant could be very harmful for the monarchy. We accept the Queen and Prince Philip for their ways.

The Queen’s face lights up when she smiles, but we all agree we don’t see that enough.

I think the British public see her children as being a bit too starchy and boring at times.

Times have changed. We see Prince Andrew as a playboy, privileged and over-indulging. But in Prince Harry, we see a lad simply letting his hair down.

I think Princes William and Harry are a breath of fresh air for the Royal family. They are more on our level, but they still retain that regal air.

In the 21st century, a modern prince should serve in the army, perform high-level royal duties, but also be seen to party.

I personally feel the Palace should be congratulating Prince Harry on giving our monarchy a fresh, modern and ‘in touch’ feel.

In turn, this will allow Prince Charles to carry on boring us about architecture and Prince Edward to make more TV documentaries.