Parking at the QA’s now more expensive than Gunwharf

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There’s quite a lot that £1.70 can get you, if you try hard enough.

It could buy you a sandwich, three and a bit copies of The News, several cuppas at the local caff, a birthday card, and almost two bunches of supermarket daffodils.

Or it could get you just one hour of parking at the QA Hospital in Cosham. Carillion, which runs the car park, has put the prices up by an average of 10p in line, it says, with inflation.

That’s all very nice, but many people who park there are on a fixed income, or reliant on wages which have been frozen because of the recession so haven’t had a pay rise in line with inflation.

It’s more expensive than Gunwharf Quays, which is £2.90 for the first two hours.

Gives new meaning to not being able to afford to get ill.