Patronising PM should save titbits for the tell-all book

The red squirrel is in decline across the UK   
Picture by Harry Hogg

ALICE ASHCROFT: The plight of the red squirrel

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It’s bad enough that vacuous celebrities get away with sharing their empty thoughts and boring beauty secrets with my favourite glossy magazines.

Now I’ve got to put up with the prime minister revealing such titbits as he never wears a wedding ring or watch.

David Cameron has been doing the rounds of the women’s mags as a clear attempt at wooing the UK’s female voters.

But this kind of PR exercise only ever comes across as shamefully patronising.

There’s a time and a place for the PM to share his views on life and, funnily enough, a lifestyle mag isn’t it.

If he wants to conduct an interview he can do it with a newspaper or current affairs programme. We should be spared the trivia until the autobiography.