Petition shows Bieber needs to take a good look at himself

The Brewer's Arms in Milton Road in 2012

Measures are needed to stop decline of the pub

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It appears that America shares my view of teeny-popper Justin Bieber.

In my column last week I said his ego would get him into even more trouble than he’s in at the moment (facing charges relating to egging a neighbour’s house, driving under the influence and assaulting a limo driver).

He hasn’t been convicted, so innocent until proven guilty and all that.

But now a petition has been handed to the White House with more than 200,000 signatures on it, asking for Bieber to be removed from the country.

So what? Well, that’s more signatures than any petition on education, gun control, immigration or the economy, according to a US news site.

That’s 200,000 mirrors that have been held up for Bieber to take a good look at himself.