Playing sport? I’m really not that bothered if I win or lose

KIERAN HOWARD: Thanks very much for the hand, foot and mouth disease Louie

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Who is excited about the Olympics? I have to admit that I’m not particularly enthused.

I don’t come from a sporting family (apart from them watching football down the pub) and I don’t really understand sport.

I’ve never been very competitive at it, which is weird because in my line of work (the media) you have to be fiercely competitive.

But when it comes to sport I don’t really care if I win or lose. Maybe it’s because I’m not particularly good at it, so I don’t try.

Whatever it is, I most probably won’t be glued to the TV over the coming weeks.

However, what I do love is the British pride and camaraderie that comes with the Olympics. Like my fellow countrymen, I’ll be backing the GB team all the way.