Popular sweet marks 95 years

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				 Picture: Adam Davy

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‘Oh I’m just having a nibble on a Jellyatric,’ giggled the delightful Wendy on the phone last week.

As I’m a bit Mutt ’n’ Jeff, I only heard jelly, so I thought she was talking about tucking into a pud.

‘How nice,’ I replied, ‘eating jelly at work.’

‘No,’ laughed Wendy, ‘not jelly – Jellyatrics.’

Wendy explained Jellyatrics are senior citizen sweets celebrating 95 years of Jelly Babies.

In 1918 Bassett’s created a sweet called Peace Babies to mark the end of the First World War.

Manufacturing was suspended during the Second World War and they were relaunched as Jelly Babies in 1953.

And now we have Jellyatrics – OAP-styled sweets such as Frau Zimmer (legs like jelly), Pearl Stitch (speed knitting champion) and three fella Jellyatrics as well.

Great for pensioners to suck on, dear.