Portion control is hard for dads

LAWRENCE MURPHY: A worthy alternative to roasties?

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Like most people this month, I’m trying to eat more healthily after Christmas.

I’ve been replacing that chocolate bar with an apple and swapping that bag of crisps for one of those tiny boxes of raisins.

The TV is full of fitness experts, gym adverts and nutritional advice right now. And whilst watching TV and eating the last of the festive mince pies, some of the information has stuck in my mind.

Apparently, it’s all about portion size. A few years ago that was easy to control but now I’m a dad, I don’t like waste.

If my daughter, Caitlin, can’t quite manage all of her dinner, I’ll usually step in and be of some assistance. And now Alyssa has moved on to solid foods I’ve discovered that her apple and banana baby yoghurt is quite tasty.

But every mouthful is more calories and that isn’t helping my January health kick.

So there’s only one thing for it – it’s trainers on and over to Milton Common to go for a long run.

Give me a bit of encouragement if you see me.