Portsmouth has got a real buzz

ICONIC Spinnaker Tower is the modern image of Portsmouth.
ICONIC Spinnaker Tower is the modern image of Portsmouth.
Cheryl, left, with bride and groom Kelly and James, centre, and her husband James. Picture: Georgia Stanhope

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In the mid 1960s, when I was an ’orrible teenager, Ma and Pa moved to Somerset.

So there I was, a ‘big city’ girl living in a village called Pawlett.

The local girls were impressed when I said I was from Portsmouth. Typical teenage girls, they cooed in unison: ‘Eee, that be where all them sailors be.’

Some of them had been on day trips here and we were regarded simply as a naval city on the south coast.

But with the iconic Spinnaker Tower, the Historic Dockyard, university, theatres and all sorts of diverse events in the city, Portsmouth today has a real ‘buzz’.

During later years when I met people who had either lived in or visited Portsmouth, the comment I remember most is ‘Blimey, if you can drive in Pompey, you can drive anywhere.’

The city has always been known for its lousy drivers. Well it’s getting worse and not a Mr Plod in sight.

So to Pompey’s moron motorists, I say this. When the illegally-parked vehicle is on your side, you have to stop and not drive on regardless, forcing oncoming cars towards legally-parked cars.

And where in the Highway Code does it state that you can drive slowly along with your hazards lights flashing and then stop in the road to let your passenger out? Grrr!!

And finally. Last Sunday I toddled down to John Pounds Unitarian Church in Old Portsmouth. As the church accepts ‘all faiths and none’, it suits my beliefs.

As the minister was away, members of the congregation were giving talks on Unitarianism and what it means to them. It was really interesting.

The musically-talented Janet Ayres taught us a song and that was great fun. Then eight-year-old Bryn, who stood on a box to see over the pulpit, spoke on how he thought we could connect the generations.

He said: ‘We should love one another. Don’t hurt each other. Don’t hurt each other’s feelings. Respect one another, and give lots of hugs and kisses.’

I agree Bryn.