Pretend you’re travellers and you can stay there for years

Blaise is concerned that we may lose sight of good old fashioned common sense to mob rule

In the clamour for instant justice we shouldn't give way to mob rule

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Times have never been tougher for young couples trying to get a foothold in the housing market.

The determined ones – like 20-year-old Victoria Campbell and her boyfriend Bill Warden – try everything to help themselves.

They transformed her dad’s garden shed into living accommodation while they saved for a deposit.

But the jobsworths from Havant Borough Council have decided the structure ‘does not provide adequate living conditions and sets an undesirable precedent.’

It certainly looks habitable enough – so I have a suggestion for the couple. Pretend you are ‘travellers,’ contest the council’s ruling, enlist the support of Vanessa Redgrave – and you can stay there for another eight years at least.

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