Raymarine shows the way forward

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We’ll all have our memories of 2012, whether they are family events, holidays or work.

These will be augmented by the great summer we had (no, not the weather!) with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Our nation demonstrated what it can achieve with commitment and dedication.

I saw evidence of this in my work in Fareham over the course of the past year. This commitment was shown by people in very different circumstances: running a business, leading a school or providing public services.

They shared another characteristic – a recognition that to survive they need to continuously improve or be left behind.

I saw a really good example of this last month when I visited Raymarine in Segensworth.

You don’t have to look far in the many marinas in our area to see plenty of boats fitted with its equipment.

Under previous management, the firm had lost its edge as others competed against it on price and technology. Under a new team, it was fighting back.

Raymarine is doing this against a backdrop of a fall in yacht and boat building because of continuing economic certainty both at home and abroad. The new team has used technology to re-establish itself as a market leader. It is a very impressive story.

Raymarine isn’t the only example of this locally. I have talked to business leaders and headteachers in Fareham who look at how they can make improvements to get better outcomes.

But not everyone has the same commitment. I had a very depressing letter from a school governor asking if we can pause the changes in our education system.

The reality is that standing still is not an option.

We are in a global race. If we opt out, then we face a bleak future.