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I’m going to let you into a little secret.

It’s not a very important one, and it won’t change your life.

But my secret is this: when I am preparing to write this column I take a look on something I like to call a calendar.

It’s just to make sure I’m not missing an event or national holiday I should be writing about.

My calendar tells me that for today, Monday, November 3, there isn’t much of national significance happening today.

None of my friends celebrates their birthday today; I’m not up to much this evening and, work-wise, I have three meetings.

Calendars are quite easy to use. So easy, in fact, that I have calendars on two phones, an iPad and I have a paper diary that is my bible.

It’s fair to say I know what’s happening when and whether anything I schedule will clash with anything important.

I’m quite surprised to see, therefore, the BBC and the Football Association fail in their diary-reading skills.

You would have thought the BBC would be driven by its scheduling

You would have thought the FA would have expertise in setting fixtures since... well, since professional football began really.

It’s interesting that the combined calendar-reading skills of both bodies failed utterly to realise that putting a football match on between the navy city of Portsmouth, and the army town of Aldershot, on Remembrance Sunday, might be an own goal.

It’s true to say that sport is often played on Remembrance Sunday.

However, seeing as this year marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, that the BBC itself covered the Pompey Pals project and its link with the football club, and the FA Cup match involves two forces towns, someone surely should have realised it would probably be a bad idea to move this particular match from the Saturday to the Sunday, just so it can be shown on TV.

There will be some who couldn’t care less.

Good for them, I hope they enjoy the game.

But I know what I will be doing.

I will remember them.