Say no to this killer craze

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When I was a kid and being told off for being naughty, I would wail to my mum: ‘Well, Mary did it, so I did it too.’

The Cushion Plumper (my Ma), would snap back: “And if Mary put her head in the gas oven, would you do that too?’

Well of course I wouldn’t.

Not so the numbnuts yoof of today dear.

Neknominate is the latest online craze, where a ‘friend’ nominates another to drink, on camera, a toxic concoction of beer, vodka, engine oil, or bleach, and sometimes live goldfish.

Great eh!

Once Neknominated, you’re dared to outdo the last person’s vile potion, and consequently these online exploits have been linked to four deaths in the UK already.

A real ‘friend’ does not Neknominate another.

Our yoof needs to have the guts to say NO.