Send Masterchef into our hospitals

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You may have read last week about the school that has made the decision to hire a former Masterchef contestant to improve its dinner menu.

This came after a barrage of complaints from students about what was on offer, many of which said the food was boring.

The usual fare such as lumpy mashed potato served in an ice cream scoop and grey-looking mince dished up with soft mushy carrots is now a thing of the past and the children are tucking into freshly-caught mackerel and Thai-style fishcakes at lunchtime.

I’m impressed with the effort, but I wonder how many of the children would choose mackerel over a burger in a bun with a big splodge of tomato ketchup in the middle.

I thought these days school dinners had moved on. The menu at my daughter’s school boasts tasty and nutritious meals and so far she has had no complaints. And if it can done so cheaply, maybe we should send the chef into some of the local hospitals where the food looks like it was made in the 1970s.