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Lesley's delighted that pole dancing may soon be an Olympic sport                       Credit: PA

LESLEY KEATING: Pole dancing’s not seedy – it’s vertical gymnastics

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Since becoming a dad four years ago, I’ve learnt that when children want something they are often gripped with so much passion for that particular thing that nothing else will do.

For example, if a young child has their mind focused on having a yellow balloon, that is what they must have and a blue balloon or a pink balloon will not satisfy their trivial needs.

The same goes with sharing. If there are two children but only one seat on the shopping trolley, who gets to sit in it?

But as a parent, trying to enforce the idea of sharing and taking turns is easier said than done.

But thankfully, with time they finally realise it’s more fun to share and have fun rather than be annoyed and have a tantrum.

Recently with just one crumpet left in the cupboard, I popped it in the toaster and then buttered it for my daughter Alyssa.

I was really proud when she ripped off a piece and passed it to me.

That was until I bit into the buttery crumpet and realised it was the hard bit that the air got to in the cupboard.