Some Eighties Duran Duran helped with the decorating

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I spent my decorating day listening to Wave 105. Does this mean that A) I’m a builder, B) I’m too old for Radio 1, C) There is no longer any room in my life for new music or D) All of the above.

Actually, the reason was none of the above.

My husband was being interviewed on the station’s news and it was all very exciting – so much so that when I heard him I dropped a brush in the hallway and the children promptly walked through the paint.

But then I thought about it. I was doing up a house, I am getting old and yes, I do like listening to the golden oldies. So it could have been ‘all of the above’.

In the end I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. I lost myself in some Duran Duran – and you can’t beat that.