Sometimes a little queue is the price we have to pay

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No-one likes being stuck in a traffic jam, on that we can all agree.

But it’s the reason for the jam that’s very often the kicker.

And if it’s somewhere that can be avoided, all the better.

But in the case of the story we are running today, no such option exists.

Motorists were left in huge queues on the M275 on the way into Portsmouth yesterday.

And not for the first time this week. And the apparent reason for the jams?

Increased security at the naval base.

Or to be exact, proper security at the base.

Which makes the situation slightly more complicated.

On the one hand, how hard can it be to make sure the main trunk road into the city is free-running when thousands of motorists are using it?

After all, not only are they coming in to work, but also to spend their hard-earned cash on city shops and services.

But on the other hand, no-one who watches the TV can fail to have noticed that there are a lot of bad things happening at the moment.

And in response to that international situation, the security has been stepped up.

Of course, we wholeheartedly support the navy. It has to make sure the base and everyone in it is safe and secure.

It’s a major employer in the region and of major importance in Portsmouth.

But the navy tells us the measures are ‘in line with what is appropriate for a military base’.

Which begs the question what were they not doing before that allowed the traffic to flow so freely?

So it’s not surprising that the road problems provoked comments from the city council leader and naval base workers.

All voiced their concerns at the situation and we’re sure those worries are echoed by many drivers.

But while we hope the system improves, we can only say that sometimes staying safe has to come first.

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