Staying in a B&B allowed us to feel smug at IoW Festival

Painting didnt quite have the desired effect but you cant blame me for giving it a go        (Credit: Shutterstock)

CHERYL GIBBS: My DIY painting job didn’t quite work out as planned

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So the Red Hot Chili Peppers are headlining the Isle of Wight Festival this summer. Very tempting.

If you’ve never seen the American punk-funk, occasionally naked (save for an artfully positioned sock) outfit, they put on an amazing show – big beats and natty rhymes.

Of course, the idea of sleeping in a tent and dining out on overpriced flat hops and pies may be beyond the reaches of your spine and digestive system.

A couple of years back my wife and I stayed in a reasonably-priced B&B in Sandown and hopped on a bus to the festival

Comfy bed, shower, fresh juice and a leaf through the paper before heading to Newport to feel smug.