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It’s a sight we’ve become all too familiar with in recent years – a pub closing its doors.

Over the past five years no-one can have failed to notice the number that have disappeared from streets across the Portsmouth area.

Some re-open later as drinking holes but many are lost for good, being redeveloped as housing or, sadly, demolished.

But today we bring you the particularly sad story of The Royal Standard in Landport, that will call time for good in December.

As many of you will already know, this Portsmouth institution is better known by its nickname Ruby’s, named after the landlady who ran it for 50 years.

And it was the local of choice for both Royal Navy sailors and those from across the world who made the city their home while their ships were visiting.

The word local comes from the need for a pub to serve its local community – and Ruby’s very much did this.

But it was also a local that was truly international.

As current landlady Sarah Erridge says, and it’s no surprise, trade has suffered in recent years.

She, along with pubs up and down the land, faces a losing battle in trying to keep up with behemoths like Wetherspoon’s and their low prices.

And with more and more people choosing to drink at home because they can buy alcohol cheaply from supermarkets, Ruby’s closure serves as a timely reminder of the old saying – use it or lose it.

It’s certainly true for pubs, so why not take a moment to think about the last time you went out to your nearest pub?

If it wasn’t for a long time, then your local could be next.

We can only hope that in this instance, the closure is temporary and a new landlord is found to give Ruby’s another lease of life.