Taking a hammer to crack a can

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Go on admit it, you’ve got wrap rage.

Which? consumer magazine reckons that as many as a million people across the UK end up at their doctor’s surgery or local casualty department every two years because of injuries caused by the humble tin can.

Well, trying to open it with knives, Stanley knives, or hammers.

Tell me about it.

All this sealed packaging drives me bonkers.

Yesterday, I was opening a can of soup, and the ring pull came off. Absolutely brilliant.

So I use the can opener, except it won’t clamp to the top of the tin. I turn it upside down and it opens.

Except, unbeknown to me, the top of the tin has slightly opened, and soup spreads all across my worktop... aarrgghh !

Don’t even get me on squeeze, twist and turn safety caps on bottles. Pass me the hammer dear.