TEEN TALK for February 18, 2014

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On Friday Lizzy Yarnold won Great Britain its first gold medal of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The athlete who won in the women’s skeleton was presented with her medal on Saturday afternoon.

The celebrations, which were broadcast to millions around the globe, emphasised the impact that commitment, determination and enthusiasm had on the young athlete.

After years of training, Yarnold’s persistent hard work and willingness to be the best resulted in success.

It was awesome to witness such happiness after a long emotionally and physically challenging journey.

An achievement like this inspires people to chase their dreams and be the best they can.

At a young age, the athlete is now a champion. I often feel that as young people we are doing all we can to succeed, but feel as if we’re going nowhere.

At times we can push ourselves to the limit and it still results in little difference.

Many areas of life require patience. Each individual must be patient along the footpath to success.

Every day we’re presented with young, famous figures who continuously remind us of where we are at in life.

I often feel as if I’m going nowhere in comparison to some others, feeling hopeless and lost in the work I do.

But it’s about recognising and accepting the areas you are good at.

Maybe too many young people compare themselves to others, resulting in a lack of confidence?

Say for example, we aspire to be like Lizzy Yarnold and fail to get into a similar position as her. Let’s remember that she has been chosen from many.

There is no harm in aiming to be like her, but if young people don’t get to that position in life, it’s silly to believe you have nowhere else to go.

Lizzy Yarnold is a great role model for young people in that if we put our minds to what we wish to do, we can achieve.

And role models don’t necessarily have to be famous, they can be anyone.

Maybe you know of someone living in Portsmouth who may be inspiring to you.