Teen Talk - June 11, 2013

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CHERYL GIBBS: Not a great film, but I still balled my eyes out

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Portsmouth Youth Parliament (PYP – an organisation run by young people, representing young people) is well into its year, striving to make a difference.

With youngsters ready to make an impact on young lives, there have already been discussions about what the youth parliament wishes to do in Portsmouth for young people this year.

Fusion, a music/culture event held last year, is again on the top of its agenda for the summer.

As well as this, PYP plans to have more outreach to young people, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to speak to a member of the youth parliament.

PYP plans to visit schools, colleges, youth clubs and events ensuring youngsters have their voice heard.

Anna Harris, 17, chairwoman of the organisation, said: ‘In six months I hope to see PYP actively engaging with as many members of Portsmouth’s young community as possible, working towards a safer city with improved support for emotional well-being and with better access to transport for all young people.’

This year, the manifesto groups for the youth parliament are Transport, Emotional Wellbeing and Promoting a Safer City.

Each manifesto group is led by a young person and each of them pledge to make an impact on young lives.

Peter Marcus, 15, a member of Transport manifesto, said: ‘I believe it is important that young people get the opportunity to influence their council’s decisions.

‘As a member of Transport, we guide opinions into the council.’

PYP is also working with various other organisations such as ‘Question Me UK’ and ‘Pegonyou’, building relationships and branching out.

If you wish to find out more about the work of Portsmouth Youth Parliament, information is available on Facebook and Twitter.

· This week, a Facebook page in support of a new BMX track to be built in Hilsea has been launched by young people across Portsmouth.

The page allows youngsters to discuss and vote on various aspects of the proposals.

If you’re a young person interested in supporting this proposal or wish to question any of it, search ‘like for a BMX cycle track to be built in Portsmouth’ online.