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This year was another record year for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal as it raised over £30m.

The evening was full of fun, music and stories of those that we can help.

Children in Need continues to provide valuable resources for millions across the UK.

The money is spent on support centres specially adapted for those that need help – facilities that ensure young people in need experience the best quality of life.

Enable Ability, a non-profit organisation which works with disabled people, was among many organisations in Portsmouth receiving money from Children in Need earlier this year.

Enable Ability offers care, support and activities for young people. The Saturday club is an enjoyable session for many.

Emily Baker, 18, a play worker for Enable Ability says: ‘Saturday club is a small part of what we do. We offer the young people a morning session where they can play, explore and socialise with children their own age and with the play workers.’

She also emphasises that ‘helping them develop a sense of individuality, allowing them to learn about the world around them in a way that is suitable for their needs and influencing their experiences’ is highly rewarding and a big part of the work.

It just goes to show that Children in Need is at work near you.

Emily also says: ‘There definitely should be more opportunity for those in need to experience support in a fun and enjoyable manner.’

Various events took place across the city last week, with a Children in Need fundraiser at the Kings Theatre.

Schools, colleges and businesses all came forward to support the big bear.

The incredible sum raised by Children in Need this year will do amazing things for the next year ahead.

Some charities and organisations rely on the help this event gives, so it is important that we continue to support the national appeal.

Every young person should have equal chances in life and I believe Children in Need gives people many opportunities.