Teen Talk - November 5, 2013

Lesley's delighted that pole dancing may soon be an Olympic sport                       Credit: PA

LESLEY KEATING: Pole dancing’s not seedy – it’s vertical gymnastics

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More than 200 young people were at the Pyramids Centre in Southsea last week to watch local artists perform and experience DJ sets for free.

Fusion, an event in its second year, was a big hit for many young people as they spent an enjoyable evening dancing, socialising and making new friends.

The evening was overseen and organised by many groups with the Portsmouth Youth Parliament being a prime influence.

The event took around seven months to organise. A committed team of young people took charge, determining who was going to perform and a theme, and considering other areas such as health and safety.

The yearly event was a great opportunity for organisers to show off their skills and show the city that, with a little help, young people can do great things.

The evening was full of variety, from acoustic sets to rap and house music. Performers such as Megan Linford, Animal Company, Forest Floors and Leigh Mary Stokes all contributed and helped the success of the evening.

Some young performers were supported by family and friends at the event, so it was a great gathering.

Steve McDermott, 17, from North End, is a member of the Youth Parliament. He said: ‘It felt great that after seven months of planning by many young people from different walks of life, there were so many other young people enjoying the event.’

After many compliments about the evening, I asked myself whether there would be a third year of Fusion. I certainly hope so.

It is clear that the event is always a hit for young people, but it would have been even better if hundreds more 
could join together for these free events designed just for them.

One of the most difficult things to do is persuade people to attend these events.

Hopefully, the success of this year could make next year possible and even more successful.

Young people deserve to have more events like these made available to them for free.

It is such a shame that the amount of activities available is limited.