That was a wonderful weekend of celebration

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What a swell party that was! Well, many thousand swell parties that is, across the length and breadth of this land in honour of the Queen as she marks 60 years on the throne.

And also in honour of our sense of community which remains strong despite the oft-felt fear that it has long since be consigned to history.

With true British doggedness, party goers did not let the slight inconvenience of a few drops of rain (or even the occasional downpour!) spoil their big day.

This was a chance to celebrate, and nothing but nothing was going to stop them.

Similarly, along the banks of the Thames, more than a million people cheered and sang through the rain as they witnessed the unforgettable Pageant along the mighty river, with the Queen in her incredible Royal Barge taking centre stage.

For those who complain about the cost of the Royal Family, let us reiterate that this huge event, a full 18 months in the planning, was paid for by donation and subscription rather from public funds.

How many other nations could have put on such a show?

Well, a few perhaps, but surely none with quite the pomp and circumstance that witnessed on the Thames on Sunday.

And not just we, but millions and millions of people around the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, who watched live television coverage of a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular.

Today is the last day of this extended weekend - and extra bank holiday for us all to enjoy.

Undeniably, that is costing money from the purse and, the economists tell us, a pretty penny indeed.

But we say it has been more than worth it.

This weekend has been about communities coming together across our nation, from the few dozen at individual street parties to the million-plus along the capital’s river banks.

All shared in a sense of pride and belonging as they celebrated under countless Union flags.

Was it worth it? Yes it was – every pretty penny of it!