The clown outfit is old hat - it’s time to be more original

Mutiny Festival 2017 Picture: Paul Windsor

Keep children safe – but beware the nanny state

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The mystery of the Portsmouth clown gripped the city for a short while.

But it wasn’t long before he was unmasked and the furore died down a bit.

For those people who seem to enjoy scaring others, it appears to be par for the course for them to dress up as a clown. It’s happened in several other places.

But surely when it comes to this sort of thing, we need a bit of imaginative thinking.

People need to start upping their game.

For example, take that man from America who was arrested for dressing as the Grim Reaper – complete with scythe – and standing outside the windows of old people’s homes, staring in.

While I’m certainly not condoning frightening the elderly in this way, at least he was original.