The greatest invention of all

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There have been many amazing discoveries by mankind. The obvious ones include gravity by Sir Isaac Newton.

He figured out that gravity is the force that draws objects towards each other and this is why things fall to the ground and why planets orbit the sun.

Then there is something that has saved millions of lives around the world, penicillin, discovered by the great Alexander Fleming.

Without this powerful drug, some infections could prove deadly.

And of course something that makes all our lives easier is electricity and we’ve got to thank Michael Faraday who became the first person to produce an electric current by moving a wire through a magnetic field.

All great and amazing, but I’ve found something that I could now, as a parent, not live without.

I’m talking about a discovery I made last week, colouring pens with the lids attached. Not invented by me but made by Crayola and I thank them – for no longer having to lift the sofa or look behind the TV for pen tops.