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Having children opens up a brand new chapter in your life.

Once your child becomes a citizen of planet Earth, things will never be the same again.

They literally take over everything, from your sleep pattern to the back seat of your car.

I’ve also found out recently that they also like to take over your mobile phone.

Of course these days it’s smarter than just a phone. It’s a camera, camcorder, provides internet access, plays music and more.

When I first realised my daughter Caitlin was taking a shine to my precious piece of technology, I bought her a pretend toy phone.

This worked for a while but she soon realised that it wasn’t the same as daddy’s.

So reluctantly I let her loose on my phone, but not before downloading the educational Zoodles Kids Mode, which locks her into the app and means she can’t accidently make a call or text.

I just need to teach her not to eat an ice lolly at the same time. Is there an app to stop your phone getting sticky?