The ladies all loved Andy’s roving hand

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy

A contestant on Take Me Out with host Paddy McGuinness

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I’m a great believer that occasionally it does grown-ups the world of good to act like children.

A News article last Friday (about an adult-themed adaptation of Andy Pandy and co called LoobyLoo - No Strings Attached) reminded me of a New Year Eve’s 30-odd years ago.

On December 31 my parents always put on a big fancy dress party for their dance pupils.

Hubby no 2, The Geordie Gent, was determined to go as Andy Pandy.

Huh, not very macho dear, is it?.

Except he had a teddy bear glove puppet that came ‘alive’ on his left hand.

And which he then blamed for ‘kissing’ and ‘tickling’ the women all night.

I thought the ladies would object as ‘Teddy’ tickled away where a man’s hand would be banned.

But they loved it.

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