The last thing 50-year-old Sindy needed was a revamp

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Poor old Sindy.

For years she’s been happy to take her place on the shelf and let Barbie and the Bratz dolls hog the limelight with their pointy breasts and outlandish fashion sense.

With her ginger-tinged hair and thicker waist, you could always rely on sensible Sindy to give your daughter a non-warped view of body image and self-esteem.

And then Sindy hit the big 5-0 and her makers decided to celebrate by giving her a trampy, vampy makeover.

Multi-coloured eyelash extensions have been added, along with tight T-shirts and rainbow bright hair options.

Why couldn’t they just leave Sindy alone and let her grow old gracefully?

It’s like taking Helen Mirren and turning her into Joan Rivers.