The nose has it for bizarre stories to hit the headlines

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It seems last week was the Week of the Nose.

Not only was there a man who has a nose growing on his forehead – I kid you not – but a medical card about plastic surgery to Lord Lucan’s hooter after a boating accident has also hit the headlines.

Let’s tackle the forehead schnozz first. In China, a man had a traffic accident during which he injured his beak. Rather than get it treated, he waited until it was infected and had to be removed.

Cells were harvested and he’s now had a new conk grown for a transplant.

Next up, the disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1974 befuddled detectives, but now this medical card – which could be used to help identify a body – has been sold at auction for £100 on the nose.

You couldn’t make it up.