There is no finer exponent of this than demagogue George

A shot from Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, soon to be shown on ITV1 as part of that channel's Crime and Punishment series

CHERYL GIBBS: Gordon Ramsay was more engaging than I’d imagined

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We British always need a ranting demagogue to keep politics from going stale – so let’s hear it for the irrepressible George Galloway.

His recent appearance on Question Time was a perfect example of the species in action. He looked and sounded frustrated and impatient; eyes flashing like cheap diamonds as he talked over people by raising his voice to an angry snarl.

All demagogues are conscious of their appearance (remember Arthur Scargill’s candy-floss hair?) and Galloway is no different, with his trendy suits and Desperate Dan stubble.

But the mark of a genuine rabble-rouser is an ability to score cheap debating points with populist drivel – and there is no finer exponent of this than the Respect MP.