This night owl is now an early bird

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Apparently the most success-ful people in life are early risers.

One reason why waking up early is correlated with success is that you get more work done in the morning.

Problem is, I’ve always been more of a night owl than a morning per-
son and see my alarm clock as the enemy.

When I do need to set it for an earlier than usual rise, I dread the time my blissful sleep will be rudely disturbed by that annoying beeping sound.

I hate that moment when I have to force open my eyes and summon up the energy to lean across and make the annoying sound stop.

But how do you get into the habit of waking up early without feeling like your eyelids are attached to weights for the rest of the day?

Well apparently you can train yourself to get into morning mode and in return turn yourself into a more successful person.

The first tip is to wake up at exactly the same time every day and this will stabilise your circadian rhythm.

I wish I could tell you what a circadian rhythm is, but I don’t have the foggiest.

I’m guessing to stabilise it is a good thing.

Secondly comes the obvious – set your alarm every day, but make sure you put it on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed and this stops the temptation to press the snooze button.

Thirdly, you need a good reason to get up and get out of bed. You should use your extra time to do things that need doing, rather than sitting on the internet or doing other tasks that won’t make any long-term difference.

Apparently if you stick to this for 
30 days you will become an early riser.

I’m not convinced and believe I will always fit into the night owl category. I’ll always loves a lie-in.

But last week I had no choice but to become an early riser when I was asked to be producer on the Heart radio breakfast show with Michael and Zoe.

This meant my alarm going off at 4am for a 5am start – in other words, the middle of the night.

I set my alarm and I went to bed earlier than normal in preparation for my week of super early starts and when my alarm went off I surprisingly jumped out of bed with no problem. That was easy I thought.

But the most challenging bit was still to come.

I had to creep around the house so as not to disturb my two daughters, especially Alyssa who wakes up at the slightest noise.

I learnt on day one that crunchy nut cornflakes aren’t the quietest of cereals to eat and I need to swap 
my noisy can of deodorant for a roll- on.