This sad figure should make betting people stop and think

KIERAN HOWARD: Thanks very much for the hand, foot and mouth disease Louie

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Since 2007 more than 1,000 racehorses have died on tracks,according to the charity Animal Aid.

The first horse I ever sat on was a thoroughbred ex-racehorse, a gentle giant who adored children.

Sadly, one afternoon when I went to visit him I was devastated to learn that he’d died from severe colic.

Racing is a social sport that appeals to all classes. It’s exciting and people can make a lot of money out of it.

But they often don’t realise how hard it can be on an equine.

I think horse racing needs to be made safer, certainly with more height restrictions on jumps.

I hope the figure in the first paragraph really makes people stop and think the next time they go to the bookies to back a horse.