Turning Bowie’s death into a circus was distasteful

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People throw the term ‘legend’ around far too liberally these days.

Just because someone is famous or has a million Twitter followers does not make them a legend.

But David Bowie really deserved such a title. This week the world lost a true legend.

One of the all-time greatest music stars, David Bowie passed away following a battle with cancer.

That dreaded ‘C’ word again. I hate it and hate hearing about people losing their fight to cancer.

If only a cure could be found, then people like Bowie would still be alive to grace us with their talents for another day.

but I found it rather awkward that her tears were broadcast to the nation to watch

I reckon Bowie can quite easily be put in a category along with names such as Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Perhaps it’s me just being an old fuddy-duddy, but I wonder who from our generation or the next generation can/will be legitimately hailed as a legend?

Lady GaGa? Beyoncé? One Direction? Are they legends?

Talented, yes. Amazing performers, absolutely.

But legends? Hmm, I wonder.

Is the term ‘legend’ totally dependent on the memories you have from a particular era?

Am I just being nostalgic hailing the likes of Madonna and Michael Jackson as legends because I have fond childhood memories of this music in what was a very happy household?

Naturally, music is one of those topics that completely divides people.

But I doubt many would argue that Bowie was one of the biggest names in music.

I was surprised and, how can I put this, rather disturbed by what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week when his ex-wife Angie Bowie found out what had happened.

Obviously people deal with it in different ways, but I found it rather awkward that her tears were broadcast to the nation to watch.

Quickly turning it into a circus performance within the house and with the other contestants was rather distasteful.