Unsentimental Pearce was right to omit David Beckham

Bruno Mars

RICK JACKSON: We got back at 3am, but I’m so glad we saw Bruno

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Stuart Pearce has never seemed the type to be unduly influenced by nostalgia and sentiment – so his decision to omit David Beckham from the British Olympic squad came as no surprise.

His verdict may not have been popular – but it was professionally flawless.

Football has no place in this quadrennial jamboree (as the failure to shift all the tickets has proved) but if we’re taking part we may as well try to win it.

And there are other over-age players capable of making a more significant contribution to the cause than a man whose selection would have been a commercial triumph but a tactical travesty.

Whatever next? Seb Coe making a guest appearance in the 800m for old times’ sake?

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