Valentine’s Day is nearly here - and thankfully I’m married

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

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It’s nearly that time of year again which I pretend to really, really not like, but actually quite do, depending on the outcome.

Chocolates and flowers are very easy, but also very welcome.

A scrappy supermarket card is not so welcome.

There you go husband, you’ve got a couple of days to sort it out.

Yep, Valentine’s Day is here with all of its stresses and strains.

It’s much better when you’re married, because at least that whole ‘will I be noticed by someone, anyone?’ is not there.

But I’m now heading into territory where my children will be looking for affirmation from the opposite sex. What a nightmare for them. I wouldn’t go back to that for any money.