Victory for common decency or commercial pragmatism?

The impact of bullying can be devastating
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LESLEY KEATING: Bullying can blight young lives – teachers must act

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Nothing sums up the state of this country like the diminishing respect for Remembrance Day and those it is intended to honour.

All over the country war memorials are being desecrated as greedy, disrespectful scumbags fund their worthless lives by stealing the metal they contain.

Then came the news that Poundland – one of the rare retail success stories in these parlous times – had banned staff from wearing poppies as it was in contravention of their ‘dress code.’

However, the Facebook and Twitter community soon worked up a head of steam and threats of a mass boycott quickly led to a change of heart.

But I’m still not sure whether this was a victory for common decency or commercial pragmatism.