Vote had far bigger impact on me than I’d expected

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I was really glad about the people of Scotland’s decision to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Weirdly, I couldn’t actually sleep the night votes were counted because I was genuinely concerned by polls predicting how close it was between the yes and no camps

It’s no secret that I’m not very good with change.

Despite being one of those people who loves to travel and go off and have adventures, when it comes to important things I don’t really like big changes.

The thought of Scotland not being part of what makes this country so great was just too much to bear.

Seeing a graphic that one of the news channels showed, depicting how England would look on the map if Scotland was regarded as a different country, it just looked so odd.

I also started to consider the huge historical relevance of the UK and how through the good times and the bad – the Industrial Revolution, the abolition of slavery, world wars – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales stood together.

We were a united front and separatism wasn’t seen as the way forward.

In a time when there is so much political and social unrest around the world, I’m glad the majority of Scottish people still feel the same way.

I woke up at 5.45am last Friday to check if votes had been counted yet.

The whole thing ended up having a far greater impact on me than I’d originally expected.

I understand why people often have a negative attitude towards political decisions.

So many feel their vote doesn’t count for anything, but the result in Scotland just proves that it absolutely does.

The decision was in the hands of the people – where it should be.

I urge everyone, especially those of the younger generation, to take a wider interest in politics and history.

You may not think it will impact on you.

But imagine if the referendum in Scotland had gone the other way and the decision been made to leave the United Kingdom.

That would have affected every single one of us.