We always returned with a goldfish from the funfair

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STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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Titchfield village, steeped in history, is host to one of the country’s oldest carnivals.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been making the annual pilgrimage in October to see the procession of floats and the fireworks.

My mum and I used to have a ritual of popping into Soothills in Fareham for our sausage rolls and then walking there. We always seemed to return with a goldfish won from the funfair.

This year it’s the 200th anniversary and the organisers want to make it extra special.

A number of fundraising events are running throughout the year to help make it spectacular.

They’re also looking for ideas and volunteers. To find out more, go to titchfieldbonfireboys.co.uk.