We have pub and shops too, but life here’s a lot more jolly

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STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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I didn’t really expect to, but in the end I found Pat’s final scenes in EastEnders surprisingly moving.

Eager for Match of the Day to start, we watched Pat’s final breaths on Sky Plus.

I think the bit that got me was Janine crying and hugging her towards the end.

Pat has been part of life on our TV screens for more than 25 years, her comedy earrings bringing a smile to our faces.

Even in death there was laughter. As Mo paid a visit, she told Pat to keep her chin up - ‘all three of them’. Classic!

Where I live at Priddy’s Hard in Gosport, there’s a pub, a shop, even a hairdressers and a pet shop.

But life here is never as depressing as Albert Square – and I like that!