We’ll be taking a gander at a goose for Christmas dinner

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth            Picture: PA

RICK JACKSON: The patriotism inspired by HMS Queen Elizabeth is wonderful

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On Christmas Day I will be looking back at you from Ryde, as I did throughout my childhood.

My folks now live in a smart bungalow at the top of the town.

The view from their back garden is of Stokes Bay and Alverstoke.

That means I’ll be able to keep an eye on our house!

I’m cooking goose for us all this year.

We’ve never had it before so I hope we like it.

Imagine us sat around the table looking at full plates but pulling faces like a baby that’s just eaten a sprout for the first time.

I’m wondering if McDonald’s will be open this year?

Whatever you are doing, I wish you the most wonderful and peaceful Christmas.